Staff Experience

We’ve brought together a team that has created and run large-scale content marketing campaigns for companies like American Express OPEN, Dell and Spotify. Our staff members have also helped launch and/or market a wide variety of new and existing media brands, including, and Conde Nast Traveler.

Our CEO is a pioneer in digital content marketing and native advertising. He created many native advertising programs for companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and when he ran and The Buzzr team created and ran, which grew to become the largest editorial website about dance in the world, overtaking the long-entrenched market leader, before it was folded into a parent company website. Our thought leadership essays, a very specific type of content we create and promote for some clients, have appeared in The New York Times, the Harvard Business Review, Fortune and Forbes. We've also created content marketing programs for arts organizations, like Lincoln Center and Fathom Events, driving ticket sales for performances.

The Buzzr Contributor Network

Because of our decades of experience as top editors at well-known media brands, we work with some of the best writers, editors and video producers in the media industry. Many of our contributors also have extensive experience specifically working with content marketing. The Network includes, for example, a former financial columnist for the New York Times Sunday business section; a New York Times best-selling non-fiction book author; as well as veteran reporters, writers and video producers for The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc., BuzzFeed, Vice, Reuters, NBC News and CNN.

Our editors, who closely supervise each contributor’s work, have impressive pedigrees from publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Politico, Fast Company, Smart Money and Conde Nast Traveler. We also work with top social media and SEO experts with extensive background in promoting content for top publishers and brands.

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